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2016 Southwest Champs.

The Southwest Champs will return to Gawton for 2016.

For more info as and when it becomes available please keep an eye on the Race Calender and our Racing FB page


The dates for the 2016-2017 Winter series will be released once we have decided on them.

This years winter series might just have to be at Gawton.

For further information when its available check out the Race Calender. All dates will carry an entry link too once they are sorted.



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We have regular dig days at Woodlands and apreciate all the help we can get.

We have just been given permission to use the top section of the Woods where we already have two track extension lines. Which now means a possibility of a large start ramp being constructed right at the top of the new area making the race lines longer and giving more pace for the flatter top sections. Once the new start ramp has been constructed we will be putting on several dig days, so if your available to dig and your up for making the race series even better than last year please keep an eye on our face book page as we will add an event invite for all dig days at least 14 days before each one to give anyone interested time to plan things.

If your up for digging or just interested in whats coming up then checkout our FACEBOOK page.

Thanks for taking the time to read this section and we hope some of you will be able to help us.


Well everyone else is doing it, So why not us?

2016 will definitely see the arrival of a one off weekend of DH Enduro racing at Woodlands where downs are awesome and the ups are easy!

Possible dates will eventually be on the RACE CALENDAR.

So keep them eyes peeled gang.


We hope to be running a short course DH stage race in the summer, date to be confirmed

The racing will be held on Sunday.

We will use two tracks starting in the same place and finishing in the same place. Each track will be roughly 45s long for the faster riders. Each rider will get two runs on each track with the best times from each track being combined to give your overall time and finish possition.

The date will eventually be on the RACE CALENDAR once it has been registered with the BC.

Once confirmed the Event will be added to the BC entry system.

So keep them eyes peeled gang.


Marshals for any of our 2014-2015 single day pushup races will be paid £25.00 and a £5.00 food voucher for lunch. Unless you are paying for someones entry, and if this is the case please contact Chaz so the payment system can be adjusted. Click HERE to register your interest in being a marshal for 2014-2015 and to be given your password for the Marshals page when it is completed. For now though I would like to say a very big thankyou to all of you who have volunteered and helped at all of our past events as without you it wouldn't have happened at all.


Wether you race or just ride for the fun of it the benefits of joining the BCF are good. It does'nt matter wether you want to collect points or race for fun there is a membership package that will suit your requirements from Bronze with the bare minimum of benefits right up to Gold with a vast amount of benefits. For more information and to possibly join the BCF click HERE.

A full face helmet must be worn at all times whilst competing in any of our races or timed sessions.

Body armour (Spine Protection), knee/shin and elbow pads are also recomended for all riders under the age of 16.

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