Woodland Riders Racing Calender

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June 2017

Friday 16th - Sunday 18th.


This years event will be bigger and better than ever before.

Camping Friday and Saturday nights. Camping will be free but you will be required to pay a £10.00 deposit per pitch which you will be refunded when you arrive or donated to charity if you wish. This is just to help the owner of the camp site get a better idea on numbers etc, And to deter the usual no shows.

There will be a hog roast on the Saturday night too, If we get enough interest.

We will be at GAWTON on the Saturday with a free uplift yet again, Wow were generous haha. And then on sunday we will be at WOODLANDS.


Possible events for Gawton.

FREE uplift, yes thats right FREE. FOR DEFO!!!!

Speed trap on the top corners of Propper job.

Jump compettition on The Rattler, there will be two comps one for novice and one for pro riders.

There will be an onsite BBQ all day provided by Carol who runs the hut weekends.


Possible events for Woodlands:

High jump competition, on the fireroad.

Speed trap after the Cork Screw.

Skinny Challenge, how far can you get on the skinny? If you want to find out now then check it out as it's just up behind the podium hidden in the trees.

Possible timed session on a 30-40 second section of track with cake as a reward.


If you intend on attending the Jam we would be very greatful if you could complete the form below.

If you intend on camping you will be asked to pay a ten pound deposit on your camping pitch, this will be refunded back to you when you arrive to camp.




All of the events listed above will be given a link to enter each respective race as soon as they become available. Or there will be a link to an event page.


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A full face helmet must be worn at all times whilst competing in any of our races or timed sessions.